Prom and Braids

Prom was absolutely magical.

The theme was the Roaring Twenties and I was super excited.  Who wouldn’t look forward to swing dancing?  Plus, my friend let me do her hair and thus begins our topic for today.

The Braided Crown of Curls

I copied this hairstyle off of step-by-step pictures on Pinterest.  I did put my own spin on the curls, though, because I couldn’t quite figure out the way they did their curl part.

Here’s the picture I used:

Elegant Braiding Hairstyle With Curls – DIY

Here are the written steps for how they did the braid part and for how I did the curled part:

1. Use a comb to part the middle section off from however much hair you think you’ll need to do the braid.  Do a simple bun with the middle portion of hair to keep it out of the way while you do the braid.

2.  Start heating a 1-in. curling iron.  (It doesn’t really matter what size the curling is, depending on how big or small you want your curls in the middle to be.)

3.  Starting from just above one of the ears, start a one-sided French braid.  (A one-sided French is simply doing a normal French, but only pulling extra hair from one side.)  Remember to take the hair only from the outside, and try to keep the main part of the braid over the exposed combed part.  Keep the braid as tight and smooth as possible.  If it’s too loose, it will be loopy.  Loopy in the sense of first time doing an upside down French starting from the base of your neck into a top knot.

4.  Once you go all the way around with the braid, stop French braiding and just finish off the tail of hair with a normal braid. Make sure to securely fasten the tail of braided hair under the crown of half-French braided hair with 2 criss-crossed bobby pins.

5.  Now you can take the bun out.  Using the 1-in. barrel curling iron, curl all of the loose hair, taking an inch or so thick section of hair at a time.

6.  Here’s the fun part :D.  When I was little . . . okay I still do it now.  Whenever someone has particularly ringlety ringlets, I do one of two things a) ask the person to jump up and down to make them boing or b) stick my finger up one of the tunnels of ringlets.  You will be doing option b.

7.  Using your finger, insert it all the way up through a ringlet and scrunch it with two of your fingers so you have a circle of hair with one side pinched between your fingers and the other side fanned out.  Pin down the pinched side with criss-crossing bobby pins.

8.  Repeat step 7 until all the curls are arranged satisfactorily and are secure.

9.  Enjoy your elegant updo!



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