Braided & Twisted Side Bun

Braided & Twisted Side Bun

DSC_0587 2

Lookin’ so fine, this ‘do could be worn anywhere from an evening get-together to a wedding.  The braid is my own added embellishment, but you could just follow the tutorial and still get a beautiful result.

My cousin Hanna, my lovely model, and her siblings all have gorgeously thick hair, but this style will still work on shorter, more moderately thick hair as well.

If you do choose to do a braid, any Dutch braid will do – it doesn’t have to be 5 strands like I did.  Just be sure to pancake it!  Pancake:  to gently pull the outer loops of a Dutch braid to increase its fullness and size.

Here’s the 5-strand French braid tutorial in case you choose that one:

1.  Your first step will be to french braid a Dutch braid of your choice from the part down to the middle of the back of the head and then finish with a normal version of the Dutch braid.  Curl the tail of the braid.

DSC_0592 2

2.  Using a comb, separate two side sections of hair away from the main chunk of hair in the middle.  Do a simple bun with the center chunk and secure with bobby pins and/or spin pins.  Curl the two side chunks of hair in ringlets and lightly comb to produce a softened effect.

DSC_0591 2

3.  Bring the section of curled hair from the left side over the braid and around the bun.  Leave the curled end out if desired.  Secure with bobby pins.

DSC_0590 2

4.  Bring the right section of hair over and around the bun.  Leave curled ends over the bun if desired.  Secure with bobby pins.  Gently tug at the section of hair going down into the bun to make everything softer looking.

DSC_0589 2

5.  Take out the band holding the braid together and wind the end of the braid around the bun like the other two sections.  Leave curled ends over the bun if desired.  Secure with bobby pins.

DSC_0587 2

Here’s the original tutorial:

Enjoy your lovely updo 🙂


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