The Braided Bun

The Braided Bun

This is such a fun bun!  It looks adorable and is ten times easier than it looks.

My friend and my cousin are my lovely models – thanks, you two!  My friend has longer, more medium thick hair, while my cousin has shorter, blond, very thick hair, so it gives a good idea of what this hairdo looks like on different hair types.

I’ve been watching and pinning hair tutorials like crazy this past week, so when my friend and cousins came over, I was more than ready to tackle their hair 🙂

A couple notes on this hairstyle:

1.  The technique in the tutorial works best on longer hair, preferably past the shoulders.

2.  If the hair happens to be just past the shoulders, braid tighter so that the little hairs can’t escape in chunks.

3.  Use an old sock if a bun maker isn’t handy.  By cutting off the toe and rolling up the whole thing like you would roll up a pair of pants, it makes a good substitute.

The tutorial is super easy to follow along – so watch, do, and enjoy!


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