Dutch Flower Braid

Dutch Flower Braid

I’ve loved this braid ever since I saw it first on Pinterest.  I finally watched a tutorial for it not too long ago and my fingers have been itching to try it out ever since!  My cousin came over to celebrate her 18th birthday with my mom, her godmother, by going on their annual outing.  They usually do something special and fun like mini golfing, frisbee golf, or going to a nice restaurant.  The outing only takes a couple hours and then she sleeps over 🙂

Did I mention her lusciously long, wavy locks?

We set aside some time, 3 hours or so, for doing her hair, and I had a blast!  We listened to Home Free, an amazing a capella group, and Melanie Amaro while I worked with her hair.

1.  To make a Dutch flower braid, section off a squarish section of hair underneath and opposite to the part.  That’s where the flower will sit.

DSC_0102 2

2.  Start a Dutch french braid at the main side of the part, braid down and then veer off to the side, as if doing a Katniss braid.  Braid down again after you reach the corner of the squarish sectioned off part.  Take out the ponytailed section and continue braiding, keeping towards the bottom of the section.

DSC_0104 2

3.  Finish braiding normally and tie off with a clear elastic.  If the ends are too long, just make a loop of hair with the last loop of elastic.  Then, generously pancake only the outside of the braid.  Those loops will be the petals.

DSC_0105 2

4.  Coil the braid, with the end coiling on top of the bigger part of the braid.

DSC_0113 2

5.  Pin securely.  If the hair is long enough, finish pancaking the rest of the french braided section.  Embellish with a spin decoration in the center of the flower if you wish.

DSC_0110 2

Here’s the tutorial that I used:


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