Bio: If you ever see me, you'll probably find me creating something or learning how to create something. I love everything from singing and playing piano to baking cookies and reading a good book. I believe my innate urge to create is only because I am a born again child of God. Since God is the Creator of all things and children follow their fathers, it only makes sense that I would love to copy what my heavenly Father does all the time. My family has been the most encouraging in all of my activities and interests. They are simply fantastic! 😀 I love them so much! I have on older brother, Alex, and older sis, Abby, and two awesome parents. Oh, did I mention that I also have an adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Riley? Yep. 🙂 He is also very enthusiastic whenever we are. I've loved creating ever since I was little and my love has only increased! When Abby and I were in 9th grade, we took cooking classes at home. It was very relaxed and fun and we learned a ton of recipes that we use regularly to this day. It was also a time that I fell more in love with cooking and baking than I had before. With all my creative spirit, don't be surprised to see a mention or two of Pinterest sources :). It is very inspirational, even if I don't copy everything exactly 🙂 And last, but certainly not least, to God be the glory!

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